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CW Boys: Happily Ever

I thought my Senior year of high school would be about creating lasting memories.
I’ve watched enough movies to know that parties, drinking too much, staying out late, and spending time with friends is what per-graduates dream of. I’m on the cusp of becoming an adult. This is my time in life to spread my wings and see how high I can fly.

Nothing ever goes as planned.

I never imagined that I would spend the year lying, hiding, and having to fight for what I want. Whoever said that love shows you the best person you can be, wasn’t in love with two stubborn, cocky, relentless men.

I’m living each day as if there is a clock over my head counting down the minutes until I’m forced to make an impossible decision. Nate is the air I need to breathe, and Dex is the blood running through my veins. Life without either of them wouldn’t be worth living. I want them both, but I’m scared as shit to take the plunge.

Tick tock

I’m running out of time. If I don’t make a move soon someone waiting in the shadows is all too happy to force my hand
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